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Photography & Videography

drone aerial photography

  • Regular aerial photography & videography updates can help your project managers stay on track with building designs and layouts. A valuable visual aid is an asset to any company looking to track progress through their construction timelines
  • We can offer various post-construction photography and videography for marketing purposes. High quality aerial images are a fantastic way to showcase your newly built projects.

Engineering Solutions

aerial inspections

  • Using advanced UAV (drone) technology, Exactus allows you to see your property from a vastly new perspective.
  • Exactus uses 3D and point cloud modeling, lidar, ortho-rectified images, thermal Infrared scans, and high resolution geo-referenced photos to provide unique views of any site. With our high resolution aerial photography and advanced photogrammetry, clients can visualize their project without even needing to step foot on site.
  • Not only is drone engineering safer, faster, and more cost effective, it provides accurate and abundant data when compared to other traditional engineering techniques.


wind turbine inspection

  • Wind Turbine Assessments
    • Using Drones and Infrared Technology, we are able to quickly, and accurately assess wind turbines for areas of malfunction or improvement.
  • Other Aerial Assessments
    • Our team of engineers are able to assess any surface or location that can be accessed by a drone. Whether it’s a power line, building, or bridge, our experts will help to give you a quick and accurate assessment.

Operations & Monitoring Analysis

solar panel monitoring

  • Using drones to capture photographic, geospatial and thermal data, Exactus is able to drastically reduce your site monitoring and maintenance costs. From solar and wind farms, to agricultural plantations, mine sites, power lines, buildings and bridges – there is no limit to our drone monitoring applications. Our tailored monitoring solutions will improve efficiency and provide endless information regarding your project site.
  • Rooftop Assessments
    • Canadian rooftops endure some of the harshest climates in the world. Over time this can lead to water damage, wear and tear and degradation of roofing materials. Pinpointing these areas can be very difficult, dangerous and expensive. With our Drone and Infrared technology, we are able to make this process quick and easy while still generating extremely accurate information.
  • Solar PV Monitoring
    • Our engineers perform solar site assessments that accurately identify malfunctioning panels and ‘hot spots.’ This makes monitoring fast and effective, enabling panels to be fixed or replaced fast and efficiently.

Thermal Imaging

thermal Imaging

  • Locating malfunctions within large scale projects can be both expensive and time consuming. At Exactus Energy, we help to make this process simple.
  • Using drone captured footage via Infrared Cameras, we are able to perform thermal scanning of nearly any surface. This type of scanning helps us to locate these specific malfunction areas quickly and effectively.
  • Whether it’s a solar field or a building facade, our thermal scanning technology will make detecting hot spots and thermal leaks easier than ever

Exactus Energy offers an extensive array of aerial imaging and engineering services, powered by our modern drone technology equipped with high-res imaging capabilities. There are numerous applications of this technology in the field of engineering, including structural design, operations and monitoring analysis, site inspections, photography/videography, and much more.

Our engineering services utilize our drone technology paired with our engineering expertise, to provide clients with cost-effective solutions designed to simplify various aspects of on-site operations and engineering. Exactus Energy utilizes drones to provide clients with quick, on-demand access to precise data without the need to rely on heavy equipment, or wait on an on-site team to do the same work. We are also able to use our drone technology to capture accurate structural details which can be utilized in the creation of blueprints, and to ensure that construction progress is adhering to the original designs.

When it comes to inspection services, we are able to monitor the operations and status of various structures, renewable energy sites, and more. Our drones are equipped with survey cameras with image stabilizers and are able to obtain fine details about buildings, bridges or other infrastructure to capture the smallest weaknesses or signs of wear. The use of thermal cameras allows our team to monitor rooftops and other structures for leaks, an important task given the unpredictability of the Canadian climate. Finally, our team is able to use this technology to actively conduct routine inspections of solar installations, using the thermal-quipped drones to detect ‘hot-spots,’ along with other signs of damage on solar panels. Our thermal scanning services allow operations to run smoothly and with minimal interruptions from physical inspections.

Looking to capture some unique photos of an event, building, site or other structure for marketing, or other purposes? We’ve got you covered. Exactus Energy offers a wide range of aerial photography and videography services to clients across Canada and the United States. Aerial photography has become increasingly popular in recent years as the marketing power of birds-eye photography for real estate, commercial facilities, or anything else you wish to promote has been realized. Our team is able to provide wide angle still images of residential and commercial properties from above, offering views of the property not otherwise possible to be included in marketing materials and listings.

We do not work exclusively with corporate clients. We work with individuals every day to capture unforgettable birds-eye photos of large events (weddings, banquets, ceremonies etc.).

Keep reading to learn more about our comprehensive photography & UAV engineering service offerings and how our team is able to work with clients to expedite many traditional engineering processes through the use of our modern drone technology.



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