Aerial Drone Inspections & Assessments

Our aerial survey drone technology is especially useful in helping our clients actively monitor their various structures, particular those that are not easily accessible. In the past, Exactus Energy has worked with clients to perform routine inspections on solar installations, wind turbines, tall buildings/condos, factories, and various other structures. Our drone technology is equipped with high resolution thermographic cameras, allowing us to detect various defects that are not visible to the human eye.

Solar Panels & Installations

Using the infrared cameras equipped on our drones, Exactus Energy is able to scan and monitor even the largest and most inaccessible solar installations for burnt-out cells and other signs of damage. As part of the drone survey, our thermographic cameras can detect even the smallest solar ‘hot spots,’ a key indicator of a damaged panel. Using this information, our clients can then manually inspect the panel for visible signs of damage, and conduct the necessary repairs. This saves our clients large amounts of time and money in the inspection process, and achieves the exact same results using modern technology.

Wind Turbines

wind Turbine with Aerial Inspections

Until recently, the process for inspecting wind turbines consisted of a licensed repairman climbing the massive structures and diagnosing issues once at the top, a dangerous and inefficient feat. Exactus Energy offers the ability to routinely inspect and analyze wind turbines for damage at a much lower cost, harnessing our thermographic camera-equipped drones to conduct the inspection. Beyond visually inspecting the turbines for obvious signs of damage, our team can utilize infrared cameras to detect potential internal damage, which are generally marked by excessive heat. This reduces the reliance on the repairman to conduct the diagnosis on-site, and allows for much quicker repairs than previously possible.

Other Structures

Our aerial inspection services are not limited to solar installations and wind turbines. In fact, our thermal camera-equipped drone technology can be applied to the inspection of almost any structure that is not easily accessible to people. Electrical systems can be inspected for damage reflected by abnormally hot electrical connections or components, and mechanical systems can be inspected for damage or excess friction reflected by high heat. We have seen our drone technology implemented in the inspection of power lines, buildings, bridges and more. Contact one of our experts today for an accurate assessment, and for more information about how we can help supplement your operations inspection processes.