Aerial Imaging & Engineering Services

Exactus Energy has harnessed the power of drone technology to provide our clients with a comprehensive list of engineering services. Our team is experienced in 3D engineering modeling, taking various measurements remotely, monitoring construction progress, and much more. Conventionally, most of these services had to be conducted in-person by engineers, and the process took exponentially longer, particularly when working with complex, large, or inaccessible structures. Not anymore.

Pre-Construction Engineering Surveys

Before a developer can set out constructing a structure, whether a solar project or otherwise, a comprehensive set of data must be collected by a team of engineers regarding the land on-which it is to be constructed. Exactus Energy offers a wide range of aerial imaging and surveying services. Exactus Energy is able to generate a fluid 3D model of the property including information on topography, conditions and volumes. This data can be used by contractors, developers and designers to create and customize reports and blueprints.

digital elevation model canada

Construction Progress Monitoring

As our clients construct their various structures, it is critical that the actual structure adheres to the original design which was approved by the developer, the regulatory bodies, and the engineers. Even a slight discrepancy between the design blueprints and the actual structure can have catastrophic consequences, therefore developers must allocate significant resources to routinely monitor construction process to ensure adherence. If conducted in the conventional manner, with a team of on-the-ground engineers taking physical measurements, this process can be needlessly costly and time consuming. Exactus Energy has developed its drone technology to be able to undertake aerial inspections of even the largest of construction sites, making this process much more efficient, while upholding the same degree of accuracy.

This is just the beginning. Our team is able to harness the power of drones to perform many conventional engineering tasks beyond what we have listed above. Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can use our technology to increase the efficiency of your engineering operations today!