Aerial Photography & Videography

The advent of drone technology has provided photographers with the ability to capture moments from unique perspectives, greatly improving the ability to take high-quality, stable pictures from a birds-eye perspective. Exactus Energy offers our drone photography services to everyday clients looking to capture their moments in an unforgettable way. Some of our past clients who have used our aerial photography services include:

-Wineries and Vineyards

-University/College Campuses, and other large facilities

-Construction Sites

-Commercial Real Estate

-Residential Real Estate

This list is by no means comprehensive, and there are many reasons to use aerial photography services.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

aerial videography


Real estate clients represent our fastest-growing segment, and we have helped numerous agents capture the true essence of a property from above, providing a unique marketing perspective which helps set their listings apart from the crowd. The manner in which a property is presented plays a very important role in attracting potential customers. Exactus Energy is able to use our aerial photography drones to provide wide angle still images of residential and commercial properties, offering views of the property not otherwise possible to be included in marketing materials and listings. Our aerial photography specialists are able to help capture the elegance of any property, whether it may be homes, condos, office buildings, resorts or land development projects.

Aerial Photography Events

Exactus Energy has also worked extensively with clients looking to capture unique photos of large events, including weddings, galas, festivals and more. We recognize that our event planning clients want to capture the special moments. Our birds-eye view photography elegantly captures the atmosphere along with these special moments. Our event aerial photography is a unique way to capture the main event, crowd and the overall atmosphere. The experienced team at Exactus Energy is able to utilize drone technology to capture high quality still images of events of all sizes.

For private events such as weddings, birthdays, family reunions and gatherings – we’re able to provide aerial photography to capture the most memorable moments. Our drones are capable of flying high above ground and focusing on specific areas of your event, with instant precision and stability.

Beyond what we have already stated, our aerial photography services have loads of applications beyond events and real estate.           We are able to create stunning promotional videos featuring footage captured of various buildings, landscapes or other scenery; using birds-eye footage designed to highlight the beauty and scale of whatever is being covered. If you would like to learn more about our aerial photography services, or wish to inquire about a potential booking; please get in contact with us today!