Operations & Monitoring Analysis

drone monitoring

Monitoring the ongoing operations of large facilities can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. The time it takes to manually inspect each building, structure, renewable energy source and the surrounding area can leave developers with a burdensome expense on their books. Luckily, the advent of drone technology has dramatically reduced the cost and time involved in monitoring large-scale sites. At Exactus Energy, each of our drones are equipped with high-quality thermographic cameras and sensors, which have a variety of applications when it comes to monitoring solar installations, and other projects.

It is important for developers to continuously monitor the operations of their solar installations, in order to spot minor issues as they come up, and avoid leaving them until they turn into a much larger and costlier breakdown. Our drone thermographic technology allows our team to routinely monitor for solar ‘hot spots,’ which are essentially areas of increased heat activity on the actual solar panel itself that indicate a problem. Our drone technology is able to detect these hot spots during operations monitoring, and allow our clients to make the necessary small-scale repairs in order to reduce the probability of further, more expensive repairs down the line.