Topography & Mapping Services

Exactus Energy offers comprehensive topographical surveys with an ability to create accurate, high-resolution contours maps.

With our advanced drone technology, we can survey large areas of land more accurately and faster than conventional survey techniques, providing our clients with contours and digital elevation models with rapid turnaround.

Our aerial photogrammetry experts can create orthomosaic stitched photos to overlay the topography to display aspects that would not traditionally be covered such as drainage points, neighbouring elevation changes, etc.

Our mapping products also include 3D models of land space, shadow analysis of all shade casting objects, Google Earth export files, and more. We can work with your specific needs to create the best solution.

Exactus Energy is a pioneer in the way that topographical surveys are being conducted with new drone technology. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of utilizing our services by contacting us today.

mapping services