Building Permits & Packaging

Those looking to develop a new solar installation face numerous obstacles, and a load of red tape, before they can begin construction. The acquisition of various permits requires that these developers conduct thorough design and engineering planning, often with the assistance of a licensed engineer who is knowledgeable in solar energy development. Some of the required documents include preliminary schematic layout drawings, site photos and plans, and structural stamped engineering reports. Exactus Energy has the know-how and capabilities to prepare these documents on behalf of our clients, ensuring a smooth and simplified permit-acquisition process, thus allowing our clients to focus on the actual construction of the site.

When a company works with Exactus Energy they are provided with a comprehensive package consisting of everything they need to begin their solar installation construction, including documents and other requirements in order to acquire the necessary permits. The necessary permits and related documents depend entirely on the type and scale of the project being undertaken. Our team of engineers have the capability to gauge and determine the appropriate next steps on behalf of our clients. Almost all permits will require schematic layout drawings of the proposed project. Our engineers are willing to work extensively with our clients in developing a design layout of site plans that meets the requirements of the licensing authorities, and satisfies client needs. We can also provide our clients with stamped structural engineering reports, which are required by law when installing solar facilities on a pre-existing structure. Finally, our permit packages includes a commitment to prepare general review documents as construction progresses, if the applicable licensing authority specifically requires them.

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Needless to say, the permitting process can be confusing and overwhelming to some. The requirements differ from project to project and clients can greatly benefit from having a knowledgeable and fully-licensed team of engineers at their disposal. Contact us today to learn more about of extensive list of permitting and planning services.