Structural Engineering Services

Are you looking to complete a renovation or construct an addition to your residential property? Perhaps you are looking at taking down a wall, but want to be sure that it’s not a load bearing wall? Whatever your structural engineering needs, Exactus Energy can help! Our experienced team of structural engineers has worked with numerous clients in the design and construction of residential homes and small commercial buildings. We are capable of providing expert structural engineering advice surrounding home renovations, new construction projects, and more.

Our structural engineering process typically begins with an on-site consultation.  We sit down with you and/or your design & construction team to determine overall project goals and the constraints within-which you are working.

Depending on your specific needs, our next step is analyzing your design plans for structural deficiencies and seeking ways to improve design quality while adhering to your unique requirements.

Finally, once a design has been approved by both parties, our team is able to work with your construction team to ensure that all progress strictly adheres to the approved design plans. We are also able to complete any necessary paperwork required to achieve the relevant permits, according to your local municipality.

There are many reasons you might want to use our structural engineering services and we are able to work with clients in numerous different industries. A few of our most common structural engineering service offerings are listed below.


structural engineering

Residential Renovations

If you are planning on renovating your home in a manner which involves altering potentially load-bearing walls, building an addition, or opening up the interior of your home; you will likely require the services of a structural engineer. Additionally, many local authorities require structural engineering documents to supplement applications for building an addition to a home.

Exactus Energy is able to walk you through the entire process, advising with regards to structural changes to ensure that any renovations do not weaken the structural integrity of your building. We are also capable of providing all of the necessary documentation to guide you through the permitting process.


Load Bearing Wall Removal

In modern times it has become much more common for homeowners to ‘open up’ their residential interiors and create open concept living spaces by removing walls. However, when taking down a wall you must be extremely careful to ensure that the wall is not a ‘load bearing wall; a wall which supports the structural integrity of your home. There are many indicators that can tell you whether a wall is load bearing, it is vital to have a structural engineer use their expertise to determine this.

Many people incorrectly assume that because the wall studs are loose, and/or because the joists above the wall are continuous across the top of the wall, that the wall is not “load-bearing”. In reality each home is built entirely different, and these indicators do not always hold true, particularly with older homes. This is why it is best to have a licensed structural engineer inspect your planned renovations, to ensure that any alterations to the wall structure will not have a detrimental impact on the structural integrity of the building.


Structural Engineering Stamped Reports

All of our structural engineering services include the fulfillment of any required documentation that you require from a licensed engineer in order to acquire the relevant permits. Before undertaking a construction project, all developers must have a professional engineer come and inspect the installation and sign off with a stamped engineering report. This report will indicate that a certified engineer has inspected the structure, the designs (depending on the nature of the report), and is willing to guarantee the structural stability and quality of the project in question.

We offer this as a standalone service, should you only require this documentation for permitting process. Our engineers will carefully inspect your renovation and/or construction plans to determine the structural integrity of the proposed designs, providing you with additional peace of mind. These stamped documents can also be used in various construction applications and are often required by local governing agencies when planning an addition to your residence.


Solar Structural Engineering

Before initiating the development of a solar installation, there are numerous factors that the developer must consider in order to ensure that the energy output is maximized.

Not all rooftops are capable of housing a solar installation and therefore a careful analysis of the building must be conducted in order to ensure that the developer is adhering to all of the required safety standards. Exactus Energy has the know-how and background experience to swiftly guide you through the solar design process, using our structural engineering background to ensure that your installation is built to a high-degree of structural integrity.


Temporary Structures

Whether you are looking at setting up a tent or stage for an event, large video screens, or riser platforms you will need a structural engineer to assist with the design and permitting process. Most municipal authorities will require extensive design paperwork and an engineer-stamped report signing off on the structural integrity of any significant temporary structures you wish to build. Exactus Energy has worked with many event planning clients in the past to help facilitate a seamless design process for a wide variety of temporary structures. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our expertise, and how we can help you build a comprehensive temporary structure design plan.