Topographical Surveys (Land Surveys) & Digital Topographic Maps Services

Topographic Survey

Topographic or land surveying is the process of gathering data on the elevation of specific points on an area of land, and presenting them as contour lines on a plot. The purpose of this type of survey is to get a clear understanding of the physical characteristics of a plot of land, along with the existing features on the surface (i.e trees, streets, buildings, fences, utility poles, walkways etc.)

Land Surveys & Digital Topographic Maps

Exactus Energy offers comprehensive topographical surveys with an ability to create accurate, high-resolution contours maps.
With our advanced drone technology, we can survey large areas of land more accurately and faster than conventional land survey techniques, providing our clients with contours and digital elevation models with rapid turnaround.
Our aerial photogrammetry experts can create orthomosaic stitched photos to overlay the topography to display aspects that would not traditionally be covered such as drainage points, neighbouring elevation changes, etc.
Our digital mapping products also include 3D models of land space, shadow analysis of all shade casting objects, Google Earth export files, and more. We can work with your specific needs to create the best solution.
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Land Surveys – Drone Surveying

To conduct a topographical land survey in the past, companies had to send physical surveyors out to the property in question, where they would then manually measure distances and elevation changes; an extremely time consuming process. Our drone survey services allow us to create an accurate contour map of large areas of land, with better visuals than conventional surveys, in a fraction of the typical time. Our ability to map larger areas of land means that we are able to provide our clients with an even better understanding of their plot. Our survey results display aspects that would not traditionally be covered such as drainage points, neighbouring elevation changes, etc.
Using highly advanced fleet of drones, Exactus Energy makes area surveys less expensive than those conducted using the ground survey methods.
Depending on client’s specific needs, Exactus Energy also offers comprehensive stakeout services. Often, our clients will utilize our topographical surveying services to plan and design a development on their land. Once a client has chosen the location for their development, we are able to plant the physical stakes marking the critical GPS coordinates relevant to the development; essentially taking all of the guesswork out of the construction process. This is particularly important with solar installation projects, where being off by even a centimeter can have disastrous consequences in the long run.
Our land surveying services also include boundary surveys, where we use our drone technology to locate and confirm the boundaries of a client’s plot of land for development purposes. Using the GPS coordinates gathered from a boundary survey, we provide the related stakeout services by marking the exact boundary of a client’s land plot with physical stakes. This can be useful when planning and beginning the development of a new building, or any project that requires awareness of the exact point at-which the property ends.
Exactus Energy is a pioneer in the way that topographical surveys are being conducted with new drone technology. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of utilizing our services by contacting us today.