About Us

Exactus Energy was founded in Toronto by Matthew Jaglowitz and Eddie Obeliunas, engineers wanting to harness the power of drone technology to provide accurate and affordable engineering solutions safely, and with rapid turnaround times.

With forward-thinking and innovation at the forefront, Exactus has evolved into a dynamic professional engineering services firm offering a wide range of services. In our land surveying and solar design work, we capitalize on the speed, safety, and accuracy of using new technology such as drones in combination with conventional methods. In doing so, we offer a more time and cost-efficient solution for all your project needs.  Our team of professionals is also equipped to assess your project for structural deficiencies and provide stamped structural engineering reports – again, with turnaround times like our customers have never seen before.

Our young and ambitious team are continually developing new processes and products to add value to our client’s portfolios across North America.

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