Sustainable Passive Design

passive design  green roofs and energy auditing


Exactus Energy offers services for passive design, green roofs, and energy auditing and efficiency.

Sustainable Passive Design can save property owners up to 90% on their annual energy use and reduce carbon emissions over the lifespan of the building. Through super-insulation, as well as using practices of thermal performance and energy efficiency, Exactus is able to create optimal design solutions that will help put your natural surroundings to good use.

Green Roofs are a great way to offset carbon use. In Toronto, Green Roofs are required on all commercial and institutional buildings as part of a City of Toronto Bylaw. To learn more about Green Roofs enquire at Exactus Energy today.

Our Energy Auditing services can help to save you a fortune on energy costs within your home or business. Heat loss through poor sealing and insulation practices, inefficient fixtures, poor orientation and lack of natural light are some of the greatest inefficiencies in Canadian homes