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Solar System Design and Shadow Analysis

solar power system design

  • We have designed over 25 MW of residential, commercial and utility scale projects across Ontario and Alberta. We offer prompt 48 hour turnaround times on our designs.

3D Rooftop Modelling

3d modelling digital elevation model

  • Using our drones we can model any building or feature, so your project managers gain new perspectives to accelerate their design and engineering process.

Topographical Surveying

thermographic imaging

  • Continuously pushing the boundaries for site measurement techniques, Exactus provides exact solutions for engineers, builders, and home owners at unparalleled prices and speeds. From GIS roof surveys for solar, to Topographic Mapping and Photogrammetry for agriculture, Exactus Energy works closely with our clients to develop and deliver tailored geospatial services.

Roof Quality Assessments

roof quality assessments digital elevation model

  • Canadian rooftops endure some of the harshest climates in the world. Over time this can lead to water damage, wear and tear and degradation of roofing materials. Pinpointing these areas can be very difficult, dangerous and expensive. With our Drone and Infrared technology, we are able to make this process quick and easy while still generating extremely accurate information.

Infrared Imaging Analysis

infrared scanning

  • Locating malfunctions within large scale projects can be both expensive and time consuming. At Exactus Energy, we help to make this process simple.
  • Using drone captured footage via Infrared Cameras, we are able to do thermal scanning of nearly any surface. This type of scanning helps us to locate these specific malfunction areas quickly and effectively.
  • Whether it is a solar field, water damage or a building facade, our thermal scanning technology will make assessments quick and easy.

Solar is at the forefront of the renewable energy movement and developers across the globe are beginning to seek out ways to integrate this powerful technology into their new projects. However, before undertaking a solar energy development project, there are numerous considerations that developers must keep in mind.

Exactus solar consulting services

The design stages of a solar project are particularly demanding. Those wishing to minimize costs and time can greatly benefit from the services of Exactus Energy’s team of engineers and solar consultants. A solar consultant can help expedite the lengthy planning process by using their engineering expertise. Our solar consultants help developers choose the optimal installation site based on structural factors, maximizing exposure to sunlight, and minimizing the potential installation expenses. Traditionally, these consulting services were undertaken manually, requiring a large team of surveyors and engineers to physically inspect the premises, collect data, model this data through design software, and then return the design results to the client. However, Exactus Energy takes advantage of technological advancements in drone technology to drastically reduce the time spent onsite and produce high-quality design blueprints for developers that are guaranteed to optimize their solar energy output.

solar consulting services

Our experienced team of solar consultants at Exactus Energy have designed and engineered over 75MW of residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects across Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and the Northeastern United States. We provide clients with complete solar system design packages, that encompass all stages of the design process – from the initial inspection, to the final building permit application, and everything in between. However, we don’t stop there.

Using our cutting-edge drone technology, we are able to provide auxiliary services designed to ensure that your solar operations run smoothly. Exactus offers numerous geospatial planning services, facilitated largely by our fleet of drones, which are equipped with cutting edge survey cameras. On top of this, our infrared technology allows us to conduct active monitoring services of preexisting solar panels, quickly detecting burnt-out cells, hotspots, and other anomalies before they become a serious issue. These services are designed to ensure that your solar facilities run as efficiently as possible.

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