3D Rooftop Modelling

Exactus Energy uses state of the art drone technology to create dynamic and comprehensive roof and structural models faster and more efficiently than ever before. Rooftop modelling has an abundance of applications, even beyond solar design and installation. Our structural engineers are able to work with our clients in order to create practical and accurate 3D models for whatever purposes they may require.

3D rooftop modelling is part of our solar consulting process, and involves the creation of a fluid three-dimensional model of the clients proposed solar installation site, which is then used as the basis for further design projections. Using this model, the planning department can then take measurements, arrange aspects of the installation and conduct virtual load testing; all from the comfort of their office!

The use of our drone technology greatly expedites this process, and ensures that our clients are able to begin the planning process as soon as possible.

Looking to use our 3D modelling services for purposes other than the design of a solar installation? We’ve got you covered. Exactus Energy has worked with various clients in the past to build accurate and dynamic 3D models for various construction projects, as we recognize the universal utility of 3D models in planning and monitoring various construction projects.


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Our construction clients have numerous uses for our 3D modelling services. Our drone technology allows us to analyze as-built site data during the construction process, without impeding the ongoing construction process by conducting an in-person analysis. Our clients take these 3D models of the construction site over a period of time to monitor progress and to compare current build progress with the original design to ensure that everything is in place.

Real Estate

Real estate clients can also benefit from Exactus Energy’s drone-powered 3D modelling services! A realistic 3D model provided by Exactus Energy can be used by real estate agencies, property developers, and other clients looking to advertise their property by providing potential customers with a visually engaging virtual tour.